Black swan rising

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Title: Black Swan Rising

Author: Lee Carroll

Publisher: Bantam Books

ISBN: 978-0-553-82557-2


Garet James has a lot of problems: a struggling business, no money and an elderly father. One day she gets lost in the city where she lives, New York. It is raining and she enters an antiques shop. She intends not to buy anything and she just walks around the shop. Then the mysterious shopkeeper recognizes her and gives her a silver box. On the box is a silver seal with a swan on it. It is the same swan as on the ring her mother gave her when she died. The shopkeeper, whose name is John Dee, asks Garet to open the box for a big sum of money. Garet who really needs the money accepts the offer and goes home.
That night, the box is stolen and her father is shot in his chest, but he survives. What is the secret behind the box? The only thing Garet knows is that there was a sheet in the box with the name Will Hughes on it. She gets in contact with him and she discovers that she has to close the box (she had opened the box the night that it was stolen) to ensure that evil won’t take over the city. She has only a week…

I received this book from the Transworld book group, but I was a bit disappointed in the story. I know it’s because of me and not because of the story. I don’t really like Urban Fantasy and that’s why I wasn’t really interested. A bit of magic is OK for me, but not a whole book full strange beings. People who like Vampire stories will probably love this story too.
For me, who doesn’t speak English there where some words I didn’t understand, because you don’t use them daily, but it was OK.
I will probably not read the sequel, but I think fantasy lovers have to read it!

I give this book 3 stars, but it’s because I’m not really into fantasy.

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