Take a chance on me

Title: Take a chance on me
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Headline Review
ISBN: 978-0-7553-5748-2

Cleo lives in a village where everyone knows everyone. A village where you can’t hide your secrets.
Cleo thinks she has THE perfect boyfriend, Will, but then she discovers who he really is and they break up. Another problem is Johnny, who came back to the village. She hates him because he always teased her. But why can’t she stop thinking of him?

Abbie, Cleo’s sister finds that Tom, her husband, is acting strange. Then she discovers that he has a long-lost daughter and she feels abandoned by her husband, who only thinks about Georgia, his daughter. Her boss falls in love with her and because she feels lonely she kisses him. How can she make sure no one will ever know about this?

Ash, the neighbour of Cleo falls in love with Fia. With his friends and as radio presenter, he is really talkative, but when it comes to Fia, he can’t say a word. She has a negative impression of him and she thinks Ash doesn’t like her. Will they ever become a couple?

This is a book full of love stories and I enjoyed reading it. I haven’t ever read a book by Jill Mansell before, but I read a lot of positive comments, so I started reading. Actually, I expected more. It was a nice read, but there were too much predictable things and clichés in it. Maybe it’s because it’s almost the 20th novel by Mansell and she has no inspiration anymore? I think I should read a novel she wrote earlier and make a comparison.
Even tough the story wasn’t that original, there where a few nice situations in it and I liked the characters. For people who like reading about love, this is THE perfect read!

Rating: 3/5 stars, too predictable, but very relaxing!


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