Nothing but trouble

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Author: Rachel Gibson
Title: Nothing but trouble
Publisher: corgi
ISBN: 978-0-55216-448-1

Chelsea needs a lot of money because she wants a breast reduction. When she has the chance to earn 10 000$ she knows what she has to do. Actually, it’s not that easy. She has to take care of an injured and embittered hockey player, Mark Bressler. The only problem is that he doesn’t want her help and tries everything to make sure she won’t come back.
How long will she be able to stay? And why is Mark Bressler so attractive?

*spoiler danger!
This was a funny and quick read. I enjoyed it even tough the story was a bit simple and predictable. I hoped there would be more than only the story about Chelsea and Mark, but there wasn’t. There were some funny situations and I think that the changes in Mark’s mind where realistic. First he couldn’t accept that he would never play hockey again, but when he trained a little boy he knew from a summer camp, he changed his mind and began to think about becoming a coach.
For people who like love stories, this is the perfect book.

I’m rating it 3/5 stars, because I think the story could be a bit more complex.

I’ve read this book for the Transword book group reading challenge.


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