The survivor

Title: The survivor
Author: Sean Slater
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-1-84983-214-4

On his first day back after a six month stress leave Jacob Striker has to deal with three shooters in a school. Not just an ordinary school, but his daughter’s school.
Striker kills two of the shooters, but the third escapes.
Time is running out an Striker has to get the other one fast, before more people die.
Who is this mysterious killer and why is it so hard to take him out? There is more to the shooting than first meets the eye.
Like the cover says it’s a game of cat and mouse. There will be only one survivor…

It was a very good book, but I have to say it was hard. If it had been a film I think I couldn’t watch it.
Every time you think you know everything, it appears to be something totally different. Slater knows how to write the story that way it’s always surprising.
I just have one remark: there is a big cliché! Striker can’t keep up with his boss. But I liked the story, even tough it wasn’t that easy to read for me because I speak Dutch.
The regularly changing point of view was also interesting. Most of the time it was Striker who was telling the story, but sometimes the shooter or Strikers daughter (Courtney) did.

I liked the story, so I’m rating it 4 stars!

I received this book for review from Simon & Schuster UK for the Mystery & Suspense reading challenge organised by Book Chick City.


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