New books on the shelf!


Hi everyone!
I have to confess something. It’s true, I’m really spoiled this week. I received 6 books! In this post I’m showing you which ones.
And there’s a second thing I have to confess, now I’m under pressure to read al these books.(And the rest of my To-be-read pile.) But don’t worry, I still enjoy it and it’s actually not a problem.


This book is the last book for the Transworld book group challenge I have to read. I believe it’s contemporary fiction. As far as the blurb is concerned, the books seems interesting and mysterious.

Louise Douglas: The secrets between us

Ruth Hamilton: That Liverpool girl
Maeve Haran: The painted lady
David Baldacci: one summer Katherine Howell: Cold Justice
Megan Abbott: The end of everything










IMG_2055This five books did I receive from Macmillan and I’m really happy with that. I’ve chosen them myself from there catalogue and it’s a mix of Historical fiction, contemporary fiction, romance and thrillers. The book that most attracts me is the one by Ruth Hamilton, because earlier I have read a book called: Liverpool street. The cover was a bit the same and it was also about the second World War. Something about a Jewish girl who went to a foster family in London, because she wasn’t save in Germany. It really touched me and that’s the reason why I have chosen for that book.

So, this where the books for this week. Have you read any of them? Let me know in a comment and tell me what you think about it.

(by Katrien)


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