The red queen

Title: The red queen
Author: Philippa Gregory
Publisher: Simon and Schuster (UK)
ISBN: 978-1-84739-465-1

The story starts in 1453, when Margaret Beaufort is  a child with saints knees. She is very devout and wants to become like Joan of Arc. She wants to lead England like Joan did, but that are not the plans of her mother. She has to marry a man twice her age and when she’s still a child, she gives birth to a son, who she calls Henry, named after Henry VI.

The only thing she wants is to put her son on the throne and she gives up everything for it. It are dangerous times and she has to send her son in exile, while she waits for the right moment to attack the house of York, the Lancasters greatest enemy. Who can she trust?

This wasn’t exactly what I would call an easy read, but I really enjoyed it. I have read books by Philippa Gregory before and it was in her usual way that I like. The only thing that wasn’t interesting (for a girl like me), were the fighting parts. I don’t like descriptions of what happens on the battlefield, I like more the psychological parts and the conversations between Margaret and het husbands.
Margaret wasn’t the sort of person I would like if I’d ever meet her, but I think that that was exactly what Gregory wanted to show the reader. A character that is jealous and arrogant and very clever. Someone who can make you change your mind.

My conclusion is that the book is it’s 4 stars worth!


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