Title: Switched
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: Tor (macmillan publishers)
ISBN: 978-1-4472-0569-2

This book is available from January, 2012

Wendy always knew there was something special with her. Her mother tried to kill her when she was a little child and she accused her of being switched with an other child at birth. She is raised by her aunt Maggie and het brother Matt, but she’s a difficult child. The day she finally begins to settle is when she meets Finn. He’s new at high school and really attractive.

He is the one with who she can share the special power she has and he opens a whole new world for her. He takes her to a new place and there she meets new people and discovers other powers. It’s not easy and even dangerous for Wendy and she doesn’t like it at all, but she has Finn.  And he’s not the only one who cares about her…

Normally I’m not a big fantasy fan, but this time I have such a nice feeling like I always have with the hungergames. The story takes you to whole new places and people, but it stays les or more realistic. I know powers don’t exist, but it’s not that everything is unknown, I mean, America is real and lots of other stuff too.
There’s just one thing I didn’t really like: the beginning. Once Finn took Wendy to Förening the story accelerated and became more and more interesting. The ending was good, but not perfect, which I really like and I can’t wait till I have the next book in my hands. This is the first book of the Trylle trilogy. I’m not going to tell you where trylle stands for, because you’ll know too much and then it isn’t fun anymore.

Rating: 4 stars (Nearly perfect!)


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