the end of everything


Title: The end of everything
Author: Megan Abbott
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 978-0-330-51831-4

Lizzie and Evie are best friends and they share everything. Until one day, when Evie goes missing. The police tries to figure out what happened. Did Lizzie know Evie as good as she thought? Lizzie thinks and thinks and things she almost forgot are suddenly back in her mind. She has the clues in her head and in her own way she’ll find Evie.
This story is about two young girls discovering their sexuality, fathers and daughters, friendship, secrets,…

Wow! This is the first thing I thought after reading this book. It’s a well-written, beautiful and intense story. If my level of English was higher, I would use more poetic words, but this is all I can say and I think it’s crystal clear what I mean.
This book is not alone about the disappearing of Evie, no, it’s about so much more. All the thoughts, the relationships are like real. There is so much love and pain in this story that you can feel it rising from the pages.
If you were hoping for an action thriller, well then you are unlucky, because this is a more psychological thriller and it’s not that there happens so much things or you can’t stop reading. It’s more the writing itself and the characters which were intriguing.
I think if I was younger, I wouldn’t like this story, so I’m on the minimum age. The language was more  refined and more difficult than I’m used to.
My conclusion: this is a wonderful book that every adult should read!

I think it’s not difficult to guess what my rating is: 5 stars! (This means a reread worth!)

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