New websites!

I have discovered some new sites and I’d like to share them with you. I love reading other blogs, so I think everyone may see where I spend my time on the internet. This time it are websites about chicklit, so people who love chicklit: read further!

So here they are:


Novelicious is a blog where several women post their reviews about chicklit and tell about their meetings with authors. They post regularly and sometimes there are author interviews and giveaways. I like this blog, because one of my favourite genres is chicklit. Lately, I hardly read chicklit books, but I promised myself I will soon. (When all the other books are finished!) 


The chicklit club is more a real website, so it isn’t designed like a blog. Tough I think it’s useful, because you can see which books are recently reviewed and you can click on the images to read it. It’s an international website with reviewers from over the whole world. If you are bored and you want to know the next chicklit you are going to read, have a look a this site!

So this were the two sites I wanted to tell you about. Hope you liked it!

Do you know other sites which are worth a second look?

(by Katrien)

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