The moon coin

Title : The moon coin
Author: Richard Due
Illustrator: Carolyn Arcabascio
Publisher: Gibbering Gnome Press
ISBN: 0983886725

For Lily and Jasper Winter, the Moon Realm began with a single secret bedtime tale. As
the children grew older, Uncle Ebb enthralled them with thrilling tales of the Dragondain
riding horse-sized, catlike Rinn; mysterious tales of peerin-wielding lunamancers
manipulating the magic that lies just beneath the surface of reality; exciting tales of
flying dragons, swimming merfolk, stomping giants, and troublesome faeries. But as the
magic of their childhood faded, so too did the tales. Eventually, they were just . . . good stories.
Or were they?
Now, nine years after it all began, Uncle Ebb is missing.

I think this is a great story, but not really appropriate for me. It’s just.. I can’t get into al those different worlds. You have to imagine all those creatures and moons and I think lots of people will love this story, but as I said before: I’m not really into it..
Jasper and Lily are really nice ‘kids’ (I’m not sure if they are still children) and I think I would like to meet them in reality if that is possible.
The fact that the tales told by uncle Ebb are real is pretty cool and I’m sure they remind us all of our childhood. I loved it when my mother read out fairy tales and other stories before I went to bed!
I have just one remark: when Lily came for the first time on one of the moons, I hadn’t that feeling that she was scared, but I know she must have been, because if I came in such a new world, I would be frightened, really!

Something that made this story special for me as well, were the illustrations. In most adult/YA books you just don’t see them anymore, but here, they helped your imagination and they are really beautiful!

So far for my review, but for people who have read this story and want more: there will be a sequel!

Rating 3/5 (This is because of me, there’s something wrong with my imagination I think!)

(By Katrien)


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