New books on the shelf #2

When I came home yesterday and I walked to my letterbox, I was really happy to see that the mailman had dropped a parcel for me. The only annoying thing was that it didn’t fit in the letterbox, so he had put it on the ground! The ground was wet, but luckily, my two books from black & white publishers stayed dry!

I have read a few reviews about this book and when I heard I could review it I was really happy. I’m not going to tell you what’s the book about, but you can read my review soon! It’s chicklit, by the way!

Watch Over me – Daniela Sacerdoti




This is a contemporary novel published in 2010 and it looks promising. As with the other novel, I won’t tell you anything about the content, but I’ll read it soon!

I love you goodbye – Cynthia Rogerson




Updates: Ellen went to the library and brought Vlammen, the second part of the hungergame trilogy with her home. (In Dutch)

I am currently reading the vampire diaries and choosing another book to read at the same time. (I’m not really vampire-ish!)

So have a nice weekend with lots of reading or If you have to study (like me for example), good luck!



2 gedachtes over “New books on the shelf #2

  1. Yes, chicklit! I want to read ‘Watch over me’ tooooooooo :p Dus kom maar op met die ‘review’. Oei, dit is wel een mengelmoesje van Eng. en Ndl. :p

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