Watch over me

Title:Watch over me
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
Publisher: Black & White publishing
IISBN: 978-184-502366-9

Eilidh feels totally miserable because of all the failed fertility treatments, a cheating husband and her family is oppressive and has no tact.
She decides to go back to the village, Glen Avich, where she used to live as a child. There she meets Jamie, an old childhood friend.
He also struggles with life. His wife left him, his mother died a few years ago and he has to raise his daughter, Maisie, alone.
Eilidh turns out to be a great help and things begin to sort out…

It’s a beautiful story about loss and how to get on. Also about making new friends and how hard it is to find the love you have always wanted.

When I started this book, I expected an ordinary chick lit, but when I read on I wasn’t really sure about that anymore. I suppose it’s something between contemporary fiction and chick lit, because it’s definitely for women.
I really liked this book. Things seem realistic in a sort of way, although not everything is scientifically proven, but I loved the idea of someone watching over you from death
I was really satisfied with the ending, because it was NEARLY perfect. I like it if there is a happy ending, but it’s even better if there is just one thing that isn’t like you wanted. It reminds me that we are only human.
The characters were lovely and especially Maisie, Jamie’s daughter. She was the child Eilidh always dreamt of and we sometimes forget how smart little children are! I think parents don’t remember that when they were little, they knew more than there parents expected.
I don’t cry easily when I read a book, but I think for other people, this can be a real tearjerker. You almost could feel the feelings of the characters.
This is a well written debut novel, you can feel the emotions come alive! I look forward to reading another book by Sacerdoti.

Something else that was great (too) was the cover. I think the women is Eilidh and I always think: ‘What is she doing, what does she think?’ You can see many aspects of the story in this cover. It’s lovely!

Great book: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

4 gedachtes over “Watch over me

  1. This sounds like an interesting book. I like books that seem like chick-lit but really have much more than that in the story. I found that was true for The Ugly Sister (by Jane Fallon) that I reviewed recently.

    I don’t cry easily over books either – but sometimes I have to try really hard not to! 🙂

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