The poison Diaries

Title: The Poison Diaries
Author: Maryrose wood
Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers
ISBN: 978-0-06-180238-6

Jessamine lives somewhere in England with her father, an apothecary. He uses the healing powers of plants to help the people who are ill. All she has ever known was a quiet life where she tends the gardens with all sorts of plants while her father is out helping people, but when a strange boy is dropped on their doorstep Jessamine´s quiet situation changes. The boy who goes by the name Weed comes to live under their roof. Jessamine sees at once that he is different from anyone she has ever met. He treats nature with great respect and knows a lot more of plants than her father does.
While the attraction between Weed and Jessamine grows so does their situation grow more dangerous, because Weed has a secret that could destroy everything they have together.

After reading the title I was expecting a story like The Vampire Diaries from L.J. Smith. I did notice some similarities like little pieces out of Jessamine’s diary at the beginning of a chapter and a meeting with a strange boy but that was it, the rest was completely different. First huge difference was the role that plants play in this book. It’s fascinating how the writer twined aspects of plants in her storyline. They each have their own personality and this is what really sets the book apart from other fantasy books.
When I began reading I was immediately fond of the main characters Jessamine and Weed. Jessamine is just a nice girl who is lonely because her father is gone a lot and she hasn’t got any friends. So I was happy for her when Weed came into her life. The relationship between Jessamine an Weed was made realistic, not like some other fantasy books. Because you really see them growing to each other over time. The only thing I didn’t like of this book was the change from reality to fantasy, for my feeling the change was too sudden. But overall I did like the book and I am definitely going to read the sequel Nightshade, so I give this book 4 stars.


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