I love you, goodbye

Title: I love you, goodbye
Author: Cynthia Rogerson
Publisher: Black and White publishing
ISBN: 978-184-502296-9

Ania is a marriage counsellor and she thinks she knows everything about love. She can perfectly handle it until Maciek, a Polish man, turns up. From then, she isn’t sure anymore about love and a perfect marriage.

The marriage of Rose and Harry is in crisis. Rose cheated on Harry and they can’t deal with each other anymore, so they decide to contact Ania for help. Will they stay together?

Sam, Harry and Rose’s son, is fed up with his parents, but he meets Maciek with who he feels at ease and he too, has his own problems with love…

To be honest, this wasn’t really my cup of tea, tough I think this is a well written story and will please many other readers.
One of the reasons why this wasn’t really a book for me is that I’m too young and this is certainly a book for adults. Another reason is that I like stories about love, but not a whole book about it.
The story was told from different points of view, for example from Rose’s or Sam’s. The latter I found most interesting and the perspective of Maciek too. They complained the least, while I found that Rose complained far too much.
The end has an interesting twist and made the book more real to me. I have to say I felt sorry for Maciek, so this proofs that it was actually a good book. In another way I think it was a good decision of Rogerson , because it made the end easier.

People who like stories about love will certainly enjoy this book, but if you only want a little bit of love, than this isn’t the right book for you.

3/5 stars (Good, but not really my thing!)

(by Katrien)




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