I’ve got your number

Title: I’ve got your number
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Bantam Press
ISBN: 978-059-305981-4
Pages: 381
Release date: 16th February 2012

Things can’t get worse for Poppy. She lost her engagement ring and only a few moments later her phone is stolen as well. What are you supposed to do if  you lose the most important objects in your life?

She comes near a bin and suddenly she notices it: a phone! She decides to keep it, finders keepers! The phone starts ringing and the phone owner, businessman Sam Roxton, doesn’t appreciate her ‘theft’ and wants the phone back. Meanwhile, before she has to give the phone back, Poppy is able to read all his personal messages and she starts sending e-mails on his behalf.

An unpredictable and hilarious adventure with lots of messages, annoying fathers-in-law and fiancées who aren’t very honest.

As you all know: I love the Sophie Kinsella books and especially the stand-alone novels. Every time, Kinsella creates a new world with fantastic characters with nice qualities, but they also have their weaknesses. What I also like is that work is very important in her books and usually it’s a place where a lot of funny events happen.
In this novel Poppy is a physiotherapist and this is an interesting job. Not such a ‘sitting behind a desk job’, so there could happen a lot!
Of course I did know which role Sam was going to play in the end, but I think that is one of the parts of chick lit that is predictable. If you want a surprising story from the beginning till the end, chick lit is not your genre. Except the guy fact, the rest of the story was surprising and unpredictable.
All the messages Poppy sent from Sam’s phone where really nice and it made the story accelerate.
Poppy was a nice, funny girl, but certainly not stupid and that was something I really appreciated!
I don’t find this was the best Sophie Kinsella book I’ve read so far, but I really enjoyed it and I think lots of other women will do so too.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars! (Really enjoyed the book.)

If you aren’t convinced yet: listen (and watch) what Madeleine Wickham (the real name of the author), has to say about her book!

(By Katrien)

4 gedachtes over “I’ve got your number

  1. Katrien, great review! I love it. The book sounds good, and as you say, we all know what the male character is in the book for. It’s always the same, but maybe that’s why we don’t mind. If non-chicklit is predictable we don’t like it, but with chick-lit, we always accept it! Funny.

    I find some of Kinsella’s characters (especially the shopaholic girl) rather stupid so it’s good that you mention that Poppy was quite intelligent. It sometimes irritates me when characters act really silly.

    This book is definitely one I’d like to read.

    By the way, my favorite Kinsella book is The Undomestic Goddess.

  2. The shopaholic series aren’t my favourites. I like more the stand alone novels and especially their characters, because they are smarter, I think

    Ellen is going to read Aanpakken (The undomestic goddess) soon and I have to say I really liked that one! But my favourite is twenties girl!

    Have you read books she wrote under her real name? I find them less interesting.

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