New books on the shelf #3 (and a bit about my reading life)

Recently I have won The Child inside by Suzanne Bugler and This perfect world, which is also written by her. Strangely, only The child inside arrived on Monday, so I hope the other book will follow next week. In fact it doesn’t matter, because I already have way too much to read and books that aren’t for review will be read in a month or two I think. (If I haven’t a lot of new books by then!) Actually, I don’t know if I should be happy with this and currently I’m reading 3 books at the same time, which isn’t good.
I also received Raven, blood eye by Giles Kristian, which I will be reading for the Raven reading challenge. It runs from now until the 1st of March and you can join up too by clicking on the button in the side bar.

I’m currently reading Paper angels by Jimmy Wayne (my first Net galley!) and it’s a beautiful story, so stay tuned and read my review next Friday! The most of the other books I will be reading are ARC’s that will release next month, so there will be a lot of ‘new book’ reviews!

What are you reading? How do you cope with the ever-growing-pile of books! (Sometimes I see this as one of the downsides of blogging!)



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