Paper Angels

Title: Paper angels
Author: Jimmy Wayne
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781451606195
Year: 2011

Thomas, his mom and his sister have to leave their father or husband, because of his problems with alcohol and violence towards his family.
Now they are living in a small trailer and are struggling to make the ends meet.
Kevin, on the other hand, is a beloved husband who cares for his little boy and his wife with whom he is expecting twins.
He has his own marketing company, but the crisis has caused a lack of clients and he knows his company won’t survive any longer.
When he sees a Christmas tree with paper angels, from the salvation army, he decides to pick up one and take it with him. On these angels are written the wish lists of  children with parents who can’t afford to buy them presents. One of these boys is Thomas. Kevin has his angel and decides to buy everything that is on his list.

After reading this story, the first thing I realised was how lucky I am. I am not poor, my parents can pay the bills an buy clothes and food. For a lot of people in our society this is not true and for me this is obvious.
The message that the story contains is beautiful and will persuade people to do a random act of kindness and respect others. It’s not told in the schoolish way, but through the story, you see how difficult it is to be happy if you can’t help others.
Praying and trusting in God were also important issues and I think this was another important message towards the readers, but it doesn’t matter which religion you are from. It also proved that the churches in the US are fuller than here in Belgium.
You may think that this story is specific about Christmas, but I think you can read it through the whole year, because it’s not the setting that is important, but what the story learns you.
I liked Thomas, because he was a clever boy with good intentions and he had his own, fantastic way of solving problems and coping with his bullies.
This is a must read for everyone. Maybe it seems a bit heavy, but it isn’t at all!

Rating: 5 stars (amazing!)

(by Katrien) .


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