The flight

Title: The flight
Author: M.R. Hall
Publisher: Mantle
Year: 2012 (Out now!)
Number of pages: 351

Flight 189 crashes into the Severn Estuary and nearly six-hundred people die and another sailboat sinks.
It’s Jenny Cooper’s task to find out what happened to Amy Patterson, a girl who travelled alone and who was the only one who wore a lifejacket. She’s found dead nearby the body of the sailor. There has happened something in the water, because Amy’ s dead wasn’t caused by the crash, but by something else.
How could such a high-tech plane, not supposed to crash, fail? Nobody seems to want that question answered and while searching for clues, Jenny is haunted by the police.
She is also under pressure of the grieving mother of Amy, who want’s answers at all cost. Jenny knows it’s a race against time…

This was the first novel in the Jenny Cooper series I have ever read, but I was perfectly able to follow the story and if I didn’t know there are other books, I would have thought it was a stand-alone novel.
Jenny Cooper is someone who does do everything for her job and forgets about all the rest, to escape from her own problems. That made her less sympathetic at some points, but I find it interesting that she is a women and not (cliché!) a men as usual.
The case was complicated, but I managed to follow the story and in the end the pieces of the jigsaw fitted together.
This story confirmed (again) how hard the world of policemen and everyone involved in a case is.
The story made me also a bit frightened of flying because of all the dangers that were mentioned and the way this plane crashed.
It was certainly a good read and I would recommend it to everyone who loves thrillers! It isn’t such a ‘gun story’, but one with a lot of thinking and finding the right clues, which I like more.

Rating: 4 stars (Really enjoyed it!)

by Katrien


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