Title: Hoodie
Author: Brendon Lancaster
Publisher: Kindle/Smashwords
ISBN: 9781449027629
Year: 2011
Number of pages: 309

Ben, alias Hoodie, has finally passed his GCSE-exams and (according to him) will never go back to school.
Summer can start and he steals drugs from the local dealer Papa Tee. Now he and his friends will have money to buy some new stuff.
Ben wants to be independent and is looking for a job. He is full of confidence, but unfortunately his best friend, Mo, doesn’t share his feeling.
He meets old Joe, a man who lives on the street, who tells him he will have a special life, because he has simian lines on his hands. This gives Ben a positive boost, but he doesn’t like the advice about going back to school that Joe has given him.
Joe also encourages him to approach Isabelle, on who he has a crush, but he hasn’t spoken  a single word to her.
This summer will be fantastic, but sometimes it won’t…

This was an interesting story and I liked to see inside of the head of Ben, because he’s totally the contrary of me.
On the other hand, this was one of the things that made me dislike Ben. He is irresponsible and his mood goes up and down all the time. I’m more someone who will always take care of myself and others. But I think Ben is a typical boy and stuff like guns, fights and drugs will appeal them more.
The book showed how hard it can be to be a teenager and how some people look down on you, just because you are sixteen. But somehow I understand that, because at the age of sixteen, youngsters do not always know what they want in life and they are experiencing a lot of new things.
I really liked the parts about the love life of Ben, because it was cute to see him struggle with his feelings.
What I also liked was the end of the story. It was unpredictable and maybe not what the reader would prefer, but it was good!
This is a well-written story, but unfortunately Hoodie and me… It wasn’t the best match!

For people who love books about reality, but with a touch of fantasy, I would definitely recommend it.

(by Katrien)

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