Raven blood eye

Title: Raven blood eye
Author: Giles Kristian
Publisher: Corgi
Number of pages: 462
Year: 2009

For two years, Osric lived in a Christian village and worked for an old carpenter. People feared him because of his blood-red eye and his mysterious past.
Then, Vikings attack his village and he is taken as a prisoner on their ships.
Osric becomes one of the Norsemen and Sigurd, their leader, names him Raven.
Life is hard, but Raven is a quick-learner and he will become a great warrior. The only way to survive all the battles is killing other men and Raven is loyal to his jarl…

When I read the synopsis of this book, I wasn’t sure whether I would like the story or not, but I decided to sign-up for the challenge* and give it a try and if I wouldn’t enjoy this novel… So be it.
Fortunately, I did enjoy Raven and I’m happy that I gave it a try. I love historical fiction, but I had never read anything about Vikings, so I was interested in what they actually did.
I don’t think I know a lot more about Vikings then before I started to read this book, but that doesn’t matter. I knew they steal and fight and sail a lot, but I couldn’t imagine how hard that is. Especially the fighting scenes were really cruel and even disgusting at some points. I tried not to use my imagination and just read them quickly for not having nightmares (okay, I’m exaggerating).
Despite the hacking into each other, I loved the story and the information about the Vikings’ gods.
There was a little touch of love that made the story even better for me.
Both women and men will love this novel, even if you don’t like fighting (me, for example)!

Rating: 4 stars (Really enjoyed it, would recommend it!)

by Katrien

*This is the first of three novels I have read for the raven challenge. (See sidebar.)


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