Bundle of trouble

Bundle of trouble

Title: Bundle of trouble*
Author: Diana Orgain
Publisher: Kindle (also available in paperback, Berkley)
Year: 2009

When Kate Connelly’s first baby arrives, she’s totally stressed out. Not because of labour, no, but because of the bags of her brother-in-law. They are found on a pier in San Francisco and there is a chance that he is drowned.
After birth, she becomes not only a mother, but also an investigator. The case seems to become more and more complicated as she discovers the dead body of an old high school friend. And after being rated poor on breastfeeding, she has to work on that too (and a lot of other new-mummy things).

There happen a lot of other (funny) events and Kate is liking her new job pretty much. So why going back to her boring, old job? This seems the perfect solution to be home with her daughter and get paid every month!

After I read a nice review about this book, I immediately wanted to read it and I enjoyed it as much (maybe even more) as the reviewer did! The story is funny, original and unpredictable.
Before this one, I only read thrillers and mysteries that were hard and sometimes even scary, but I think I have found my (sub)genre, namely cosy mystery! There were no horrible scenes where everything was covered in blood, with an extreme time pressure, etc.
I loved the passages about Kate’s struggle as a new mum and her thoughts about it. She’s a smart girl and she reminds me of some nice chick lit protagonists.
When she questioned suspects, I always thought Okay, I know it, this person is going to be the murderer!, but it turned out I was totally wrong, every time.
What I also found interesting was Kate’s family and I hope I can read more about them in her other novels in the series. When I got to know more about George (the brother-in-law) and his situation, I didn’t think as bad about him as I did in the beginning. And I think that this shows a lot about how writers can manipulate readers and make them believe something. It also shows that (like every human), I have my prejudices and that the outer appearance has a lot of influence on what I think about someone.

So I think I can say that it’s a great novel and I can’t wait to read the next Maternal instinct mystery. I laughed a lot and I had my monthly portion of mystery. (You know, for the mystery & suspense challenge!)

This novel deserves his 4.5 stars!

by Katrien

*A copy was provided by the author, Diana Orgain.


6 gedachtes over “Bundle of trouble

  1. Great review, Katrien! It sounds like a fun book. Cozy mysteries can be really good fun. Do you know the No 1 Lady Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith? They are also cozy mystery and I love them.

    • Hi Judith,
      No I hadn’t heared of them, but it sounds interesting! Something to add to my list.
      It was a fun book, indeed and I really look forward to reading the other books in the series.
      Weren’t you going to read this one as well?

    • Ik heb gezien dat hij alleen vertaald is in het Spaans, spijtig genoeg.
      Toch denk ik dat je hem wel in het Engels zou kunnen lezen hoor! Hij is niet zo moeilijk en de woorden komen vaak terug. (Dus misschien moet je er in het begin een paar opzoeken en een lijstje maken, maar daarna…)

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