Miracle on regent street

Title: Miracle on regent street
Author: Ali Harris
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-0-8572-290-1
Year: 2011
Pages: 484

Evie works as stockroom girl in the once-famous store Hardy’s. Now, after a hundred years nobody knows the department store anymore and sales numbers are decreasing every day.
Evie is so unnoticed that people don’t even know her real name, but when she overhears a conversation between her boss and the manager in which is said that the store will close soon, Evie comes out of her stockroom and starts changing the shop floor in order to attract new customers. It is nearly Christmas and Evie wants to make the place a wonderful winter-wonderland.

There is Joel, a handsome American man, who helps her boss with the financial problems of the store. By coincidence, Evie gets in touch with him and sparks start to fly… Is he the one she was always looking for and is she able to stay herself with him?

An amazing story which will make you happy and wanting to go to Hardy’s yourself!

Wow, I enjoyed this book so much! I love the cover and the characters and the setting and… I can go on for a while, so I have to admit that this was one of the best chick lits I have ever read! Some people may say that it is a Christmas book, but I don’t mind the time of the year and I think, as it is still Winter, it was a perfect read.

The descriptions of the shop were nice and cosy and I wanted to be there in real live. The whole old-fashioned style of a time where I didn’t live… it seems so nice to rediscover and apparently this is the perfect department store to do so. And the personal shoppers! That something I can only dream of here in Belgium!

Some things were not realistic though (about changing names etc), but it made the story funny and I couldn’t put this book down. When I neared the end, I was really surprised, because I had expected a totally different situation.
The whole guy-thing was really nice and I had a lot of respect for what Evie did. She was the perfect example of the 21st century independent woman.

The cover is gorgeous as well and I think it perfectly matches the story.

This is a keeper and probably I will re-read it in a few years, maybe then I’ll do it around Christmas…

What else can I give than 5 stars? This is a very nice, entertaining story which I really enjoyed.


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