Title: Escape
Author: Barbara Delinsky
Publisher: Constable & Robinson
ISBN: 9781780335018
Available 5/4/2012

Emily is done with it. She can’t cope anymore with the daily stress at work and she isn’t doing the job she always wanted. Her husband James is also drowning in all the stuff he has to do and their attempts to start a new family have proven unsuccessful.

One morning, she decides to end it, she packs her bags, turns her phone off and leaves. She escapes to Bell Valley, the small town where she has spent a fantastic summer during college years.
There she faces new problems like an old lover and long-lost friends, but she also becomes aware of what she really wants in her life and how to change it.

When I read the blurb, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of running away. There are some moments when you want to, but you know you won’t. I think that’s what made it so interesting. Would you do it, or not?

I enjoyed this book from the start. When Emily was talking to a client (she’s a lawyer), she was so friendly, that I instantly liked her. She’s a strong women and once she has made a point, she stays with it.
There also was the old lover, Jude, of which I would have liked to know a bit more.
There wasn’t much said about that particular summer and I thought there would be more unrevealed secrets, but apparently it was just a place where she had a great time. 

The town gave me a cosy feeling and I did understand why Emily chose to go there. Places with B&B’s, a forest, … are always very interesting and make me dream of vacation myself.
The coyotes in the forest gave the story a mystical touch.

In Bell Valley, Emily meets new people, including Lee. Lee is very shy and afraid, because she has some judicial problems with her in-laws and they keep threatening her. Emily gets involved, but she knows she needs her husband to help her and because of the case they start to analyse their own relationship.
James was also nice, but I liked him less than Emily, because he was more work addicted.

The story is simple and there’s only one storyline, but it stays interesting.
At one point, I couldn’t held my suspense, but further this was a ‘calm’ story.
It’s a beautiful novel which I would certainly recommend to people who like love stories and contemporary fiction.

Stay tuned if you want to read my interview with Barbara Delinsky!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars! (Greatly recommended!)

by Katrien


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