Dreaming Anastasia

Title: Dreaming Anastasia
Author: Joy Preble
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4022-1817-0
Year: 2009
Pages: 310

Anastasia, the grand duchess didn’t die in 1918 together with the rest of her family. She was carried away before the Bolshevik could shoot her, by a wicked witch known from Russian fairy tales. Now for years Anastasia has been kept captive and waiting until someone comes to save her.

The present day: Anna is just like every other sixteen year old girl, except that ever since she can remember, she has these weird recurring dreams. In her dreams she always sees a brown-haired girl in a white dress who is about the same age as her.
When a stranger has an explanation for her dreams Anna can’t possibly believe him. He says that he has been searching for her, because she is destined to save the last of the Romanovs, Anastasia.
But he isn’t the only one who is looking for Anna…

I have always been intrigued by the legend of Anastasia ever since I watched the Disney movie.  This book isn’t the same as the movie, but I wasn’t expecting so. Dreaming Anastasia is an original fantasy book that contains historical facts about the Romanov family.
Although it has everything that should keep me interested: Princess Anastasia, girl who saves the day and of course the smoking hot guy.
This book just didn’t do the job for me.The characters are likeable, but the parents are not quite right in their head. For instance they let their sixteen year old teenage daughter leave the house at 6.30 in the morning with a guy who is really good-looking.
The idea behind the story is original, but the story itself left me puzzled sometimes.

Dreaming Anastasia is the first in its trilogy, which I’m not going to read any further.

Rating:  2,5/5 (Not my cup of tea)

by Esther


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