Uncle John’s bathroom reader presents flush fiction

Title: Uncle John’s bathroom reader presents flush fiction
Author: Compiled by the editor of the bathroom readers’ institute
Publisher: Baker & Taylor publishing group
ISBN: 9781607104278

Flush fiction is a collection of 88 short stories that can be read in one sitting! It contains stories of all genres: horror, humour, romance,…
The publisher scoured the whole US for authors who wanted to share their stories for this publication.
The result is a nice book full of little stories for readers with little time!

I have to admit that I didn’t read or finish all the stories, because they simply weren’t my genre. Horror, for example can be very entertaining, but not for me, so I skipped them. Whereas other stories made me laugh out loud because of the brilliant ending and the use of humour. It’s logical, I think, that you won’t like every story, but this book is something for everyone, even if you don’t like reading. A perfect gift!
The stories were really short, some half of a page, others four pages. I really liked that, but I only read one a time. This makes that it takes a long time to read them all, but as the name says, it’s perfect to lay your book in the bathroom and to read one short story every time you’re there.
The story I liked the most was the third one, Safety Drill by M. Garrett Bauman. It was about a father who was always afraid that there would happen something terrible to him and his family and his way to protect his children was hilarious.
Another story, Mr. Agreeable by Kirk Nesset, was also very funny. I think the title says enough and these are just two of the eighty-eight wonderful stories!

Rating: 4 stars, must read for everyone with little time!

Have you ever read a book of the Uncle John’s bathroom reader series?

(by Katrien)


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