Interview with Barbara Delinsky

Barbara DelinskyA few weeks ago, you could read my review of Escape by Barbara Delinsky.
I asked her a few questions and below you can read what she answered!

What’s Escape about? Why should we read it?
Escape is the story of a woman who reacts to her frustrating, unrewarding, technologically-clogged life by simply … leaving. Most women can’t do this. But they fantasize about it. What woman hasn’t at one particularly trying point in her life wanted to drop everything, walk out, and escape to a freer, fresher place? In doing this, Emily lives out our fantasizes, which is why women have been loving this book.

At the back of your book, you write that you escaped yourself. How did this influence your writing?
I lived vicariously through Emily as I wrote this book. That made it fun, fresh and free for me, too!

Animals are very important in the story. Do you have pets yourself? Do you have a favourite animal and is it related to the story?
I had to bury a dear, dear cat not too long before the writing of Escape, so the tears I shed for Emily’s kitten were tears shed for my own Chelsea. For many years, I have also been a supporter of an animal shelter in Utah. I’ve never visited it, but the imaginings in my mind come to life in the animal refuge in Escape.

How did you start to write?
My youngest children, twins, were four and, since they were heading for school, I was looking to go back to work. None of the jobs for which I interviewed particularly appealed to me. Then I read an article in my local newspaper about women who wrote genre fiction, and the thought did appeal. I read a bunch, wrote my own, and it sold!

Which are your favourite authors and books?
Long-time favourites are A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving, and Year of Wonder, by Geraldine Brooks.

Which of your own novels is your favourite?
You ask me to pick my favourite child? I can’t!

Are you currently writing another novel? Can you already give us a sneak peek?
I am. The title is Sweet Salt Air. It’s set on an island off the coast of Maine, where two friends reunite after ten years apart. One is a food blogger, the other a journalist, and their plan is to compile a cookbook of recipes and local lore from the island where they spent childhood summers. Once there, details of their lives clash in unexpected and heart-wrenching ways. As with so many of my books, Sweet Salt Air explores the limits of marriage, friendship, and love. As the title implies, it is a very sensual book.

Thanks for this wonderful interview, Barbara!

Do you want to know more about her and her books? Visit her website!


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