New book and currently reading


Lately we haven’t borrowed nor bought nor received a lot of new books, so I wanted to show you just one book and the book I’m currently reading.

The killing by David Hewson – A book that I’ll be reading soon and I’m very curious. I received this one for review from Pan Macmillan, one of my favourite publishers. (Which means that I love the books they publish.) It’s a while since I read a thriller and I need to finish the mystery and suspense reading challenge by the end of this year, so this is a good opportunity!

The book of summers by Emilia Hall – This book was waiting far too long on my shelf to be read! I’m currently reading it and I love it. The way the author describes Hungary is amazing, so while reading I have this happy, sunny feeling. The cover is gorgeous, but I have a proof copy, so it’s a bit uglier, but it doesn’t matter.
I expect my review will be ready at the end of the week.

Have a nice weekend,

What are YOU reading? Have you read one of these two novels? What do you think about the covers?



5 gedachtes over “New book and currently reading

  1. What do I think about the covers…

    The second one, The Book of Summers, looks very good. I suppose it is a ‘women’s book’, that is at least what the cover says…

    But the first one, well, looks very boring to me! Isn’t that strange for a thriller or crime book!?! What do you think about this cover?

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