Ginny Blue’s Boyfriends

Title: Ginny Blue´s Boyfriends
Author: Nancy Bush
Publisher: Kensington Books
ISBN: 978-0-7582-0371-7
Year: 2005
Pages: 348

Virginia November Bluebell, a late-twenties something Californian, wakes up one morning  with a feeling that she knew would come. She can no longer stand her partner of six months. Ginny used to be head over heels for Nate, but lately everything that she loved about him only annoys her.

After saying goodbye to Nate (the nearly Normal), yes Ginny has the tendency to nickname all her boyfriends, she faces every of her former relationships hoping to find out where they went wrong. Starting with her first crush Charlie Carruthers then moving down the list to Kane Reynolds, former high school nerd turned self-help  guru. Next ex we can’t forget: the guy who was always lighting his own chest hair on fire, Lawrence Stoddard (Hairy Larry). The ex we don’t speak about: John Langdon (Mr. Famous Actor) who dumped her because she didn’t praise him as much as she used to. Fifth in line Don (Don the Devout) which was the only boyfriend her mom actually liked. Mark McGruder (Black Mark) the forever drunk burly set Irish guy with a temper when drunk, this was always. Her partner before Nate, Bradley Knowles (Brad Knowles-It-All). And if you count her longest lasting relationship with her hot, almost-divorced shrink who doesn’t dates his patients, Dr. Dick. Ending the list with her recent boyfriend turned ex, Nate. Meanwhile she can´t get her thoughts off Jason Wright. The only guy she has kept in her life, but never really got serious with. Not including their awkward make-out session in high school. Jason is sort of always in her world, but never really involved in any of it. Luckily, Ginny has her group of friends to help her out with her guy troubles.

This book disappointed me. It could have been a fun search to finding Mr. Right by searching out what the problems were with Ginny’s exes, but Ginny is kind of a bitch. She’s quite shallow, self-absorbed and judgmental. She acts like a relationship expert while she hasn’t have any success in them. Ginny accuses one of her friends of constantly needing a guy in her life to survive, when she has the same issue to deal with. I also don’t understand why their group of four friends is even still together. They don’t have any common interests except drinking and thinking that guys are asses. They really drink a lot, you can’t read five pages without any mentioning of alcohol. As icing on the cake, the ending was vague. Ginny didn’t change after her experiences like I wanted her to.

Ok, what did I like then? The exes, not all of Ginny´s ex-boyfriends deserve what they get from Ginny. Some are jerks but others are really nice guys who treat Ginny with respect. All of her boyfriends have a personality and they know what they want in contrary with her. I also liked Nancy Kelly’s writing style, it’s just a pity that the lead character was such a complainer.

All in all, it was not worth my time to read a bad imitation of Sex& the city, so 2 stars for the guys in the book and the writing.

By Esther


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