The playdate

Title: The playdate
Author: Louise Millar
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 978-1-4472-04844-0
Number of pages: 373

Callie is a single mother and she relies heavily on her best friend and neighbour, Suzy. She’s lonely and her little daughter, Rae, has heart problems, so Suzy help is very appreciated. She’s welcomed in her, so does it seem, happy family.

But Callie knows she has to go back to work and pull away from Suzy. But why can’t she tell it? She knows that Suzy’s life isn’t as easy as it seems.
Who will care for Rae? There’s a new neighbour, Debs, maybe she can help her out, but can you trust her with children if you know her past?

The playdate takes you inside houses of people who seem perfect, but what is true? A book you can’t put down before you have read the last word!

I really loved this book because of the characters, they are so well elaborated! Louise Millar plays it that way you believe everything you read, but in the end it turns out you’re totally wrong, which I love so much about thrillers!
The story is set in a normal street with normal families, but when Debs turns up, things start to change and secrets that were hidden under the surface start to reveal themself. The whole book is so believable, that it’s impossible to guess what’s really going on.
You had to concentrate well, because it was a bit complicated, but that didn’t bother me, it made the story stronger, I think.

You couldn’t say that the relationship between Callie and Suzy was a good one. The only thing they had in common were their kids. Further they didn’t share any interests and when Callie goes back to work this turns out to be a problem. I think this is a real issue for some people, because if you need someone and you’re in a situation you can’t find someone else, you just take what you can have, but actually your friendship is really superficial, which was the case with Suzy and Callie. In the end you know why they weren’t so close with other parents and it made me so angry at the person who caused this! This only proofs how much I enjoyed this book!

I would certainly recommend this book to everyone who loves psychological thrillers. The cover is also appealing and you can’t stop reading before you’re finished!

rating: 4 stars

by Katrien


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