Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse

Title: Percy Jackson and the Titan´s Curse
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: the Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-141-32126-4
Year: 2007
Number of pages: 293

Percy still has some unfinished business left to deal with!
Danger never stops harassing Percy´s friends and family. After bringing his mom back from Hades realm and saving Grover from turning into a Cyclops snack, Percy loses his friend Annabeth in a brutal fight with a manticore. A monster which is awful to look at, it’s half-lion and half-human. Determined to rescue her out of the grasps of Kronos and his servants Percy´s off  to the lair of the beast in San Francisco. But Annabeth isn´t the only person kept imprisoned. The goddess Artemis, protector of young maidens and an excellent hunter, is also a prisoner of the manticore. Of course it had to be Artemis out of all the gods! For she was the one god who would urge the other gods of Olympus to finally take action against Kronos at the Winter solstice meeting, which takes place in only a short time from now. With a deadline to meet Percy, his satyr friend Grover, Thalia (daughter of Zeus), Zoë (right hand of the goddess Artemis) and newbie Bianca have to fight their way through several skeletons and ancient monsters to save those whom they care about.

When a good book has an open end I always want to know what happens next.  After reading three books of  the Percy Jackson series you kind of know the structure of the them. Percy wants to be the hero, he goes on a quest, some gods will help him on his way while others will try to make his quest even harder, but Percy will succeed and return as a hero. Even though I know that, the story is still good for some hours of reading-pleasure. The new half god of the big three (Zeus-Poseidon-Hades) Thalia makes an entry in this book. Thalia and Percy had their share of troubles between them,  because they both react so strongly. At first I didn’t quite liked Thalia as a loyal Percy supporter, however through the story you get to know more of her and will understand her actions.

This time the gods Artemis, Apollo, Aphrodite and Ares appear to him (Ares for the second time). The gods always interests me the most so hereby a short description of them. Artemis appearance surprised me, she is the only god who looks younger than 18. Artemis has a group of young maidens who follow her and keep her company. In exchange Artemis grants them immortality and friendship, this group is called the hunters (Zoe and Bianca belong to this group). Artemis’ brother Apollo is a hot stud with an equally hot ride. He acts all cool, but nobody messes with his sister so when she was taken prisoner he helps Percy to free her. Aphrodite is in one word gorgeous and Ares well he’s still the same. For the myths used here I could only discover the myth of ‘Atlas’ and ‘Hercules and the golden apple’ so less than in the previous books. I like the fatherly affections of Poseidon for Percy, he actually acted as how a real dad should. The ending was predictable, halfway the book I already knew how it would end and of course with another cliffhanger. I’m definitely going to read the fourth and penultimate book of the series.

The Titan’s curse made me laugh and was fun to read.  3.5 stars.

by Esther


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