Private Peaceful

Title: Private Peaceful
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-00-7150076
Year: 2003
Number of pages: 185

Thomas is the youngest of a loving family with three sons.
Then on a dreadful day a tree collapses upon his father. His family is struck by grief and they have less to eat now their major income has gone. Until an unhappy solution comes along, their mother has to work at the largest estate in the country, which means seeing very little of her because of the many work hours. Not all is bad, Molly is still here. Thomas met her on his first school day and took a great fancy to her from the start. Just as his brother Charlie does. Thomas is jealous of their relationship, but would never harm his brother for Charlie is kind, strong and always has his back no matter what. Everything changes when the British need strong men to fight in the first World War. Charlie and Thomas sign up and promise to look after each other, but on the battlegrounds that promise grows hard to keep

Morpurgo brings to you a heartwarming believable story of the bond between brothers.

Althhough I don´t like reading about World Wars for war is never a laughing matter, this story has to be read. It is filled with love and caring between family members, friends and soldiers.
The story tells of Thomas´ childhood back home while he´s waiting until something very important happens. It isn´t until the end when you find out what that important event is. Thomas has had a difficult life. His aunt bullies him and his brothers. His oldest brother Big Joe is frequently treated bad for he had had brain damage after getting sick when he was young. Teachers of that day liked authority and weren´t scared to demand it by hitting it out of their students. Of course the Colonel who has it out for the Peaceful brothers. Charlie isn´t the character telling the story but he is a key person of it. He is always looking out for Thomas, treating him only with respect. You can see how this affects Thomas´ decisions in everything he does. I like Charlie, but you can hardly do otherwise. The war is described of how it truly was. It´s horrible, taking men away from their homes leaving them unprotected and in the hands of fate.

Private peaceful is beautifully written, only the ending isn´t what I wanted it to be, but it is sadly realistic.

Rating: 4 stars

by Esther

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