Title: Dreams
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Publication date: May 17th

Everyone has dreams, but seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight has quite special ones. Every night she sees demons and they are real, her dreams guide her to them. While Sarah stays in her bed, her parents hunt these evil monsters.
This changes when her parents die while they are hunting. Now Sarah has to face the demons on her own and her parents didn’t leave instructions.
But luckily Harry, her long-estranged cousin, turns up and he guides her, because more and more demons are waiting to kill her…

A few months ago, I have read another book by Daniela Sacerdoti, Watch over me, and I was eagerly awaiting her new novel.
Mind that the difference between these two books is huge! First of all, Dreams is for YA and Watch over me for adults. Secondly, contemporary fiction is very different from fantasy, which is the case with this novel.
Of course this didn’t mean I didn’t like this book, on the contrary, I really enjoyed Dreams. 

Sarah is such a lovely girl, it’s impossible not to like her! She was good-hearted and didn’t like to kill, which was one of the main reasons why I loved this story: killing is not encouraged.
I really liked it that Sarah was not The super-heroin-who-doesn’t-need-help-of-anyone-else, but someone who works together with her mates and is happy with them. You have books where the main character is so amazingly good, that you don’t believe it any more.
The only remark I have is that the grief for the loss of her parents wasn’t really visible for me. Your parents dying, it must be terrible, but I didn’t really have that feeling.
I still don’t know what I have to think about Harry. He’s a mysterious, but handsome guy and after reading the book, I wonder why he has come to help Sarah. I assume that this will be something important for the next novel in the trilogy.

Normally I’m not so fond of fantasy, but this time I liked it and that’s because there is still some ‘reality’ in the story. Sarah has to hide her secret life for her friends and this isn’t always that easy.

The last thing I want to add are the little poems before each chapter. They contain some secret information about what is coming and are nice to read!

As I said before, I’m not really into fantasy and that’s the reason why I don’t give this book 5 stars, which I did with Watch over me, but 4 stars. This means I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend this page-turner to everyone and especially other teens, who will like this story even more then I did.

by Katrien

Are you going to read Dreams? In the Sunday mail they say it’s going to be a bestseller all over the world.


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