Dinner at mine

Title: Dinner at mine
Author: Chris Smith
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-0-85720-505-6
Pages: 378

Rosie decides it is time to organize her own Come dine with me- competition, but instead of four people, there will be four couples. She chooses carefully her participants.
Barbara is silent, but nice and her boyfriend Justin is a bit, how do you say it? Obsessed with being good towards others. (In particular the people in Malawi.)
Charlotte says whatever she thinks and like Matt she’s single. Perhaps they are the perfect match?
Last are Sarah and Marcus and Sarah is okay, but Marcus… The only thing he can think about is winning the competition.

The four evenings are promising, but the first dinner turns out to be the first in a series of disasters. Rosie couldn’t have chosen more opposing personalities, but that doesn’t matter, does it?

A quick and very enjoyable read.

I had heard a lot about this book, so when it arrived at my house, I immediately started reading, and indeed it was nice, but a bit less than I expected.
This was mainly because I disliked the characters. They were too competitive and of course they were stereotypes, which made it funny, but somehow it also resulted in my dislike.
The only one I actually liked was Stephen, who didn’t care about anything and was a neutral character, but I assume that was the aim of the author.

Justin was a vegetarian and very concerned about the people in Malawi and het couldn’t bear the sight of other people eating meat. His meat was always replaced by vegetables, like vegetarians don’t need proteins and other stuff that’s in meat! If I eat vegetarian, I have always an alternative like tofu or quorn or a veggie burger. I had the impression the author isn’t a vegetarian himself and doesn’t know a thing about it.

Besides that, the story was light and humoristic and there was also some romance added to the recipe, which added an extra value to the story.

I have learned some new food names, which is really good, as they aren’t often mentioned in books and cooking is an important part of life, so it was nice to get to know some new ones. (For the ones who haven’t noticed my mistakes yet, I try to learn English!)

If you want to read a book full with humour and food, this is what you need!

Rating: 4 stars

by Katrien


2 gedachtes over “Dinner at mine

  1. I also enjoyed this book (but not 100% either). It was a fun read, especially how the dinner parties deteriorated over time. Awful, but in a fun way.

    I agree that the vegetarians were portrayed wrongly, they’d be dead if they only ate what they got at these dinner parties. We need out protein, people! 🙂

    And then the stereotype of tree-hugging, world-changing activists. Hmm.

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