Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

Title: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: the Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-141-32128-8
Year:  2009
Number of pages: 361

The final battle of Percy will decide his fate!
While driving around with his best human girl-friend (not girlfriend) Percy is summoned to fight against Kronos, again, for the last battle has begun. Through his dreams Percy finds out that Kronos’ plan is to attack New York, because the lift of the Empire State building is the entry door of Olympus, house of the Gods. Percy has to protect Olympus by all means! If the Gods fall, humanity is lost.

Demigods, Hunters, Centaurs, Nature spirits and other mythical warriors unite themselves to protect New York. During the first attack against Kronos’ army  many of their warriors lose their life. It seems like the army of Kronos knows where to strike. Percy’s suspicions get confirmed by Morpheus, the God of dreams. There is a spy amongst them feeding the enemy all their battle strategies. Percy has to find out who this spy is, win this war and stop Kronos. This time it’s all or nothing, victory or failure!

The Last Olympian is the fifth and last book of the Percy Jackson series!

In the last months I’ve read every book of the series: laughed, sympathized and was dragged away in the adventures. As this being the last book and all I had high expectations. But the book was a bit of a disappointment, it just wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.
The love between Percy and Annabeth didn’t evolve a lot in this book. You get some touchy moments (Annabeth catching a knife meant for Percy, Percy visiting a wounded Annabeth) but were all kept to an children’s level , which I found quite disappointing. Yes, these books are children’s books. It’s just when a book has such a high number of fights, why not have a little more romance. There are many battles fought in this book. They’re thrilling and well explained except for the last battle. The ending of  Percy’s fight with Kronos ended with a face to face battle. The anticipated and deciding battle was rather tame for my taste. [Spoiler] Some characters you grew fond of throughout the books die.

In this book all the gods appear, only Poseidon and Hestia are more discussed. Poseidon, father of Percy & Tyson and God of the sea. You finally see Poseidon as a dad. He believes and trusts his sons even when he can lose much. Hestia goddess of the hearth, guardian of families. She appears as a young girl (like Artemis) before Percy and advices Percy, not in battle but in priorities. The main story is the last battle, there aren’t many other myths present.

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian receives 3 stars.

My opinion of the Percy Jackson series: The characters evolve over time. they find out who they are, what they stand for through multiple experiences. The gods give an extra to the stories, especially when they meddle in the lives of others. The series is funny, adventurous and enjoyable.


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