Not dead yet

Title: Not dead yet
Author: Peter James
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 978-0-230-747272

When Gaia, an American superstar, comes to Brighton, everybody is awe struck.
But in the crowds of fans are not only good people. Some are so deadly obsessed that they are willing to kill…
On top of that, there is a headless, legless and armless body discovered in a farm. It’s the task of super intendant Roy Grace to save Gaia and to solve the mystery of the dead body.

At home, Grace is finally happy, but then some news about the past changes everything.

Once you start reading this novel you can’t stop anymore. Even though I was tired, and I really was, I had to keep on reading. The moment I was able to put my book away because of my tiredness, I kept thinking about it (which wasn’t any better, actually).

The story was well-built, with several storylines that came together in the ending. There were some mysteries that are still not solved, so I assume that there will be another Roy Grace novel in the future.
I haven’t read the other Roy Grace novels, but that wasn’t really a problem. Things that I didn’t know were explained and there wasn’t too much mentioned about the other books.

I loved the whole story around the American star and her entourage. They were filming in the Pavilion in Brighton, which I have seen from the outside, but I have never been indoors. I found this really interesting, because there were secret corridors and hiding places. This was ideal for a murderer to follow Gaia, who was a bit like lady Gaga. (That’s what the description makes me think of.)
You could see that the author had done research on the Pavilion, which made the story really believable.

Everyone who likes a good mystery and is not afraid of a body with a limb more or less will like this one as well!

rating: 4 stars


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