Title: Reckless
Author: Cornelia Funke
Publisher: Chicken House
ISBN: 978-190642765-8
Year: 2010
Pages: 345

Jacob Reckless has always gone into the magical world that lies behind the mirror of his father’s study, to escape all the troubles with his mother. But he has never forgotten to check if his brother Will was safe and sound asleep. Only one time his brother Will Reckless does follow him into the magical realm and without knowing he gets entwined in a war. Will is attacked by a Goyle and infected by the spell that turns human flesh into stone. Whilst Will’s body is slowly turning to jade, he turns into a cold-hearted warrior. Will begins to forget every aspect of his human life, even his own brother and his girlfriend Clara…

After Cornelia Funke’s wonderful fantasy saga Inkheart, Reckless is a worthy follow-up. When I was younger I read Inkheart and Inkspell in a hurry, while waiting impatiently for Inkdeath to come out. After reading Inkdeath I wanted more of Funke’s books.

Before I say something else, I really liked reading another Funke book! She has that magical touch to lure you into her world of enchanting creatures! However I have to be hard, the beginning and the ending weren’t entirely to my taste. I had to reread the beginning of Reckless before understanding the first 25 pages completely. For in only 25 pages you get over 12 new characters and a leap in time. After comprehending, it was quite simple to grasp the rest of the story for after all it is still a children’s book. The ending of the book came far too fast and there were still so many loose ends.

Just as in the Inkheart saga, Reckless has that mix of reality and fantasy. The mirror is the element that connects the two worlds and even though they are not the same, they are the same (if that makes any sense). Both have greediness, hatred, jealousy but also love friendship and trust.

For the characters: Jacob is an impulsive kind of person and he loses his temper very quickly. His brother Will is soft and kind before he is under the spell. The brotherly love between Jacob and Will is put to the test when they don’t recognize each other anymore because of the spell. But I especially loved the character of Fox (the loyal companion of Jacob); she is a girl that shape shifts into a fox to feel comfortable. She’s always looking out for Jacob and making sure he’s save. But underneath her composure she’s in love with him and he with her, only they don’t know it yet themselves.

Reckless is a nice magical book, perfect for children. I am looking forward to read the sequel Fearless after it has come out in September of this year.


3 gedachtes over “Reckless

  1. Ik heb onlangs het laatste deel van de Hart van Inkt serie gelezen. Blij om dit boek aan mijn TBR lijstje toe te voegen, want ik houd echt van de schrijfstijl van Cornelia Funke.

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