Lola’s secret

Title: Lola’s secret
Author: Monica McInerney
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 978-0-230-76158-2
Year: 2012

Eighty-four-year-old Lola Quinlan lives in the Valley View Motel, Australia, which has been run by her family for years.
She’s one of the most lovable persons and people always go to her if they are looking for soothing words or advice.
Now Christmas is nearing, she insists that her family leaves her, so she can secretly invite some strangers to the motel. The guests don’t know each other and they all have their own special reasons to go there. Will they find what they are looking for?

As she counts down the days, her own family starts to ruin her perfectly prepared party with their own problems.
Carry and Beth, who seemed to be close after their grandmother’s intervention, are fighting again. This time it’s about motherhood.
And there is that new lady at the charity shop, who thinks she owns the place.

This will be a special Christmas for Lola, very special indeed.

Based on the cover, I wasn’t immediately attracted by this book, but when I started reading, I couldn’t put this amazing book down before I finished it.
At first I didn’t realise that Lola was already an elderly women, but this made her even nicer. She is the perfect grandmother and is always ready to help someone out.

I thought I wouldn’t get to know the guests before the big day, but you learn a lot about them before and the story tells what being invited to the motel does with their lives. It makes you realise that live is based on a chain of events, often coincidences, that make who you are right now. I wouldn’t say it’s a philosophical book, but it carries a certain, true, message.

The guests I loved the most where Holly and her two little sisters and in the end I actually felt sorry for them. They had a big problem, but I didn’t really think that the author had worked out a solution for them, as with the other guests, which is a pity.

At the end, the story takes a fantastic twist, which was so great! The entire story was well-built and I didn’t expect most of the events to happen, but everything stayed believable. I think this is a book that you certainly should read if you like family sagas.

Lola’s secret is the second book about this family and I haven’t read The alphabet sisters, which is the prequel,but this wasn’t any problem at all. In the back of the book I even found the first chapters of this book, but I didn’t read them, as I’ll wait until I find the book somewhere.

4,5 op 5

6 gedachtes over “Lola’s secret

    • Ik denk dat niet iedereen het boek echt zal appreciëren en eigenlijk is de synospsis (ook al heb ik hem zelf geschreven) niet zo veel zeggend. Toch heb ik ervan genoten, maar ik snap wel dat het soms niet zo aanspreekt 😉

    • Dankjewel Annelies!
      Ik vind familieproblemen/omstandigheden af en toe wel interessant en kijk ook graag ‘Desperate housewifes’, dus voor mij was dit wel een leuk boek, maar je moet ervan houden.
      De voorkant vind ik nu bijvoorbeeld helemaal niet bij het boek passen, waarom ze die gekozen hebben weet ik ook niet, want het schrikte me eigenlijk wat af!

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