Meet me at the cupcake café

Title: Meet me at the Cupcake Café
Author: Jenny Colgan
Publisher: Sphere
ISBN: 9780751544497
Year: 2011

Isabel, nicknamed Issy,  is very good at baking. She gives cakes to people at the bus stop, to colleagues at work she doesn’t even like, …
She has inherited her ability to bake from her Grampa Joe, who had once three bakeries.
Issy has always dreamt of doing something with her passion, but never thought she would even try to open up her own bakery.
This happens when she gets fired by her lover, and boss, Graeme. At first she doesn’t know what to do, but then her dream starts to come true.
Will The Cupcake Café become a success?

I read this book for the Chicklit book group on goodreads, where I’m hosting the discussion this month. In the end of July I came in a rush to find the book somewhere, because English books can be so difficult to find here! After a whole afternoon looking in bookshops and dealing with annoying shop assistants, all of a sudden it began to dawn on me that I could just buy it online for my kobo. No shipping, so no waste of time and a lot cheaper! You see, I’m still not used to using my e-reader.

Now, the book itself! I really enjoyed the story and it was actually the first time that I liked e-reading.
Issy is a wonderful person and you instantly like her and her grandfather, who is suffering from dementia and is now staying in a nursing home, but still sends her letters with recipes.
After being fired, Issy is very confused and sad, which is completely understandable, because Graeme didn’t appear to be the nice guy he seemed to her. I didn’t really know why she liked him, because it was totally obvious that he made good use of her for the things he didn’t like to do, so I’m not sure if this is realistic.

The story is sometimes a bit predictable, but not too much. The end has a special twist, which I really liked.
What I actually liked the most were the characters in this novel. I really noticed that the author had thought about them and their relationships a lot and this was one of the strongest points of this book. The story has a lot of characters, but they all have a background and don’t appear out of nothing.
Overall it was a great and especially relaxing read, so I’ll add Jenny Colgan to my list of Chicklit authors I like!

4 op 5




There is currently no Dutch translation of this book available.


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