Lizzy Harrison loses control

Title: Lizzy Harrison loses control
Author: Pippa Wright
Publisher: Pan Books
ISBN: 978-033052171-0
Year: 2011

“Actually it’s all Lulu’s fault: If she hadn’t made me promise to loosen up I would never have gone to that comedy club where Randy Jones would not have fallen on top of me and there would never have been those photos which forced me into the    role of Randy’s babysitter.”

Lizzy Harrison, a 32-year-old, hasn’t dated for over two years and is secretly content being a celibate working woman, but her best friend Lulu thinks otherwise. Lulu orders Lizzy to promise to relax.
Lizzy’s first act after her promise brings her together with Randy Jones, top comedian and superstar Shagger of the Millennium whose career has gone down road after a drug incident with a barely legal teenager. When photos are leaked seeing Randy Jones in a compromising position with Lizzy, her boss (Camilla Carter of the Carter Morgan PR firm) sees no other option then to play this given card…

Sometimes I just love reading an easy to follow chick lit and that’s exactly what ‘Lizzy Harrison loses control’ is.
You have the insecure woman, the meddling best friend and of course the love triangle.
Randy Jones has the whole package: money, fame, charms and looks. He is described as the man you so shouldn’t fall in love with, while on the complete other hand you have Dan: trusting, funny, comforting and safe. I don’t know why, but Randy instantly made me think of Russell Brand, who is also a comedian that likes his eyeliner and rock outfits.

Off course you figure out who Lizzy ends up with after only reading the first five chapters, all the signs were so very clear. Throughout the rest of the book I was really screaming at Lizzy for being so daft and blind of her surroundings.

It’s light, it’s fun and above all it’s packed with drama and cliché’s.




Dutch translation: Lizzy gaat los, published by The House of Books


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