My love lies bleeding

Title: My love lies bleeding
Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978-1-4088-0340-0
Year: 2009

For years there has been a prophecy about a Drake woman seizing the throne. Solange was born as the eighth child and the first girl in the Drake vampire family since the prophecy. Is she the one who everyone is talking about? The people seem to think it and so does the current queen.

The Infamous Drake family is different from the normal vampire clans. They aren’t turned a vampire, but actually born one. At the age of sixteen they become violently ill and if they don’t consume human blood they’ll die. As Solange, only daughter of a family with eight children approaches her sixteenth birthday, complications arise. The queen wants her eliminated for she is a threat to her reign and the Helios-Ra, Vampire hunters, have proclaimed a bounty on Solange’s head.

You could say that My love lies bleeding is just another vampire book, but I find that it has something more than the rest of the lot. During the Twilight hype I have read a lot of fantasy books containing blood sucking; vegetarians or vampires that don’t even need anything in order to survive; … Yes, the vampires are as equally gorgeous and yes there is that well-known gap between human and mythical creatures, but it is a very humorous book with its moments of romance.

When you’re reading My love lies bleeding you are actually reading two stories that intertwine. Conveniently enough, the story is written out of two points of view: Solange’s and Lucy’s. The main story is Solange’s. She isn’t you stereotypical vampire, she likes to wear cargo pants and loves to sculpt vases out of clay. During the whole book she is wanted but for different reasons. Reason One: By the queen who is jealous and afraid of her, reason two: by the Helios Ra and bounty hunters, last reason: because Solange is about to change, she emits a lovely and attractive smell that works on other vampires (not including her family of course) as a mating call. The other story is about her best friend Lucy and her youngest brother Nicholas. They both have never known a time where they weren’t teasing each other, but somewhere along things shifted for them.

My love lies bleeding is a witty and fun book to read. I certainly wouldn’t mind reading the other five books of The Drake Chronicles.


There is currently no Dutch translation of this book.


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