Out for blood

Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 978-1-4088-0706-4
Year: 2010

After years of wars being fought between the Helios-Ra, Vampire hunters, and the vampire clans a truce has finally been made. Both camps promise not to attack each other unless one strikes the other, however hunters are still dying.

Hunter Wilde, Helios-Ra’s own Buffy and one of the best hunter attending the Helios-Ra academy, is immediately drawn to the handsome charmer Quinn Drake, member of the Infamous Drake family. Besides the point of Quinn being a vampire Hunter has to uphold the Wilde family name.
But that isn´t the only difficulty in her life. Strange things are happening at the academy: students are getting sick, but no one knows what’s the cause. Also the Hel-Blar, the worst and most aggressive kind of blood sucking vampires, are getting bolder and attacking the academy more often.

My love lies bleeding (book one of the Drake Chronicles) was so enjoyable that when I got the chance to read another I just couldn’t let it glide past me. Out for blood was almost written in the same style as My love lies bleeding. You have two protagonists, a single confident girl and a gorgeous witty Drake. Two intertwined stories written out of two viewing points: Hunter’s and Quinn’s (all good things come in pairs). Hunter’s story is the leading one, while Quinn’s adds to complete your view on the situation. You could think that Out for blood is a dupe of My love lies bleeding, still there are some differences in the elements. For one there is more fighting in it. The battle scenes between Helios-Ra and Hel-Blar are well-detailed, but luckily it isn’t only that, for the romance is still there to balance it all out. I like how Alyxandra Harvey let’s her characters come together: it isn’t subtle at all, but that doesn’t matter because you want them to get together.

Out for blood was a nice read, but I thought it was a little less good than My love lies bleeding. Probably because it hasn’t have that newness about it. Though if I found another Drake Chronicle I would definitely want to read it.

Extra: My review of My love lies bleeding.



There is currently no Dutch translation of this book available.


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