The Patchwork Marriage

Title: The Patchwork Marriage
Author: Jane Green
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0-141-03856-0
Year: 2012

When Andi married Ethan she didn’t expect that being a stepmother would be so difficult. If she just showed enough affection, her two stepdaughters would certainly like her.
But it turns out differently. Sophia, the youngest is sweet and lovable, but she can’t get on with Emily. She even seems to hate her.

Emily throws tantrum after tantrum and Andi’s husband, Ethan, always chooses the side of his daughter by forgiving her instantly. He doesn’t realise that this is driving a wedge through their marriage.
One day, Emily is in trouble, again. This time Andi is fed up, she can’t take it anymore. Will she leave?

When I saw this novel in Waterstone’s I instantly knew I would buy it. I had read several positive reviews and the cover was very appealing, so my expectations were high.

Now I have finally managed to read this book and I’m glad I did! Even though I’m still a teenager myself I was totally absorbed, because you have several points of view. At first I thought I didn’t like to change from Andi to Emily, but this made it more interesting and my negative feelings towards Emily changed into understanding.

Green describes a situation that is very common nowadays. A new stepmum isn’t easy. Nor for the parents as for the children. This case was perhaps a bit exaggerated, but this didn’t bother me.

After about 2/3 of the book, the story seems to settle down. There are several chapters that are just describing a perfect situation, which could be interpreted as the ending of the story.
Thereupon the story takes a new turn and goes again as fast as in the first ‘part’. This was something I didn’t really like, because I like more the classic structure, but this didn’t affect my general opinion of the book.

Jane Greens is known as one of the first Chick Lit authors, but this novel certainly isn’t, so everyone who likes contemporary fiction, drama and hot issues will like this one!

4 op 5




There is currently no Dutch translation of this book available.


6 gedachtes over “The Patchwork Marriage

    • Aan het begin dacht ik dat dit niet zo leuk zou zijn, maar hierdoor begrijp je ook beter de beslissingen van personen en zie je ook dat niet alles wat een persoon denkt zwart/wit is. Dit is zeker een aanrader!

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