Title: Angel Fire
Author: L.A. Weatherly
Publisher: Usborne
ISBN: 978-1-4095-2201-0
Pages: 709
Year: 2011
Extra: Review of the sequel (in Dutch)

Just days after Willow and Alex barely escaped from death at the hands of her own father Razael, leader of the evil Church of Angels, they are on the road heading to New Mexico. Their plan is to set up a camp so that Alex, a highly trained Angel Killer, can recruit new AK´s. On arrival they find an already existing group of Ak´s, badly in need of some training and guidance. While Alex is busy working with his new recruits, Willow acknowledges the difficulties of her being different. Nobody except Alex trusts her or even talks to her directly. Until she meets Seb who has been searching for her all of his life. Searching for the only other person of their kind, an half-angel.

Angel Fire, is the sequel of Angel and I so loved reading them both. If you haven’t read Angel, no worries because you get all the information you need in the first chapters of Angel Fire. In this book you get that well known aspect of sequels, the love triangle. Seb is the new gorgeous guy in these pages, not only is he perfect for Willow, he is also the only half-angel she has ever encountered. I immediately fel for Seb, with his more than fair share of a troublesome youth, which made it only more difficult not to forget our previous hero Alex. Just like Willow I was torn between choosing courageous Alex or affectionate Seb.

Of course it wasn’t all romance, although it was always present, because the world was still being threatened by vile Angels draining the populations life forces. This caused for some battle scenes, but less often than in Angel.
This book is really easy to read, I read those 709 pages in a fury; finished the complete book under three days and have adored every minute of it!
Angel Fire was everything I expected and wished it to be: exciting, romantic, angelic. I’m definitely going to read the third and last of the Angel series, Angel Fever, which comes out this October.





Dutch translation: Angle fire, published by Manteau



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