The Shoestring Club

Title: The Shoestring Club
Author: Sarah Webb
Publisher: Pan
ISBN: 978-0-330-51944-1
Publication date: September 2012

Synopsis from publisher:
When the love of her life, Ed, announces his surprise engagement to her best friend, Julia Schuster is distraught but determined not to let them see how much she’s hurting. She spies a remarkable dress in Shoestring, her sister’s designer second-hand shop, and knows she’ll only be able to stagger through the wedding day, showing everyone how over Ed she is, if she’s wrapped in its soft silk chiffon. Unfortunately it costs mega bucks and she’s barely hanging onto her job as it is.
Arietty Pilgrim can’t and won’t attend her fiercely competitive school reunion unless she can arrive wearing exactly the same dress. But working as an elephant keeper in Dublin Zoo does not a millionaire make.
But fate has a funny way of bringing people together. Just as Julia start to flounder amidst family troubles, problem drinking and a broken heart, she meets Arietty and together they set up The Shoestring Club – time sharing one extraordinary dress and beginning a life-altering friendship.

Wow! This is one of the best chick-lits I have ever read! Based on the synopsis you may suspect an ordinary chick-lit, but once you start reading you discover that there is much more depth in this story.

For me, the whole wearing-a-beautiful-dress-on-my-best-friend’s-wedding thing wasn’t the most important part of the story. Ed is a total jerk and nobody, except Julia, understands why she still loves him.
I liked this part, but wasn’t very impressed and I think that it’s a bit silly. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it!

What I liked more were the sub-problems. You had Julia’s drinking, which is worrying her family more and more. The changing relationship between Julia and her sister Pandora, Jamie, an old friend with whom she gets in contact again and Julia’s mother dying when she was nine.
The latter really touched me. So much, that I was on the verge of tears (okay, I might have cried a bit), because it was such a beautiful and at the same time sad scène. I think this is the part that I will remember of this book.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable read and I would certainly recommend it to all chick-lit lovers.
And for the contra’s: this is the kind of book that gives chick-lit the good name, so read it!

4,5 op 5


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