The accidental family The accidental family
Author: Rowan Coleman
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5528-8
Pages: 363
Year: 2009

Sophie Mills life changed completely when she became the caretaker of two little girls. Bella and Izzy became Sophie’s responsibility after their mother, Sophie’s best friend, died in a car crash and she was left as their guardian. In the beginning Sophie didn’t know how to handle these young girls of four and seven, but she knew that she loved them and did her utter most. When their handsome father Louis appears and moves his daughters back to their hometown Cornwall, Sophie is left alone in a quiet apartment which now seems too large for her. She packs up her designer dresses, her high heels, her cat Artemis and makes the impulsive trip to be with Louis and the girls. When Louis proposes, Sophie can’t be more excited and happy. Still so many questions trouble her thoughts: Is this really what the girls need right now, am I imposing on this family? As If there weren’t enough unanswered questions yet, a secret from Louis past is added to the pile.

A heartwarming humorous story of love and trust.
The accidental family is the second book by Sophie Mills, but following the story isn’t any problem. The first chapter tells everything you need to know in the form of a funny fairytale.

As for the main character Sophie, she could easily be a real life person. She has all these worries, like if she really is doing the right thing by marrying Louis and being a new mother for the girls. And off course, is it right to be with the husband of your deceased best friend even though he is your soul mate? Normally I get a little frustrated by how superficial some chick lit characters are, but not with these characters. There are many witty characters who each bring something to the table: wise advice, a helpful hand or steady bystander.
And then there is that secret of Louis, who is described as a catch but still has his flaws which make him human. I’m not going to tell you what it is, only that this is one of the twists the story takes but the ending is a happy one, just the way I like it.

The accidental family reads so effortlessly and makes you smile and laugh countless times.


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