Moonlight becomes you

Title: Moonlight becomes you
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-1-84739-680-8
Pages: 339
Year: 1996

Maggie Holloway is trapped in a coffin; her only air supply comes through a small hole in the casket, which can easily get blockaded by the mud. Maggie screamed for help, but nobody could hear her.


By coincidence Maggie Holloway is reunited with her former stepmother Nuala, happy and glad she accepts Nuala’s dinner invitation at her stately home in Newport. On arrival Maggie doesn’t find Nuala behind the stove preparing dinner, but laying still behind the couch. Maggie is utterly devastated by Nuala’s death. She also finds it very peculiar that Nuala changed her will at the last minute and has left everything behind to her, on the condition that she visits Nuala’s old friend Greta Shipley. When not long after Nuala´s funeral Greta Shipley dies under suspicious circumstances, Maggie knows something is terribly wrong in Newport.

Author Mary Higgins Clark is a big name in the thriller world. Not only has she written over forty crime novels, but most of them are bestsellers, so it was about time that I read one of her books.

In Moonlight becomes you you follow different characters through important moments and slowly unravel the mysteries of Newport. At the start the changing viewpoint of so many characters was somewhat difficult to follow, but when you get to know them better it´s easier to keep them apart. Mary Higgins Clark keeps you in suspense throughout Maggie´s search for the truth. She keeps you guessing who the murderer is and leaves you with everyone being a possible suspect.  The idea of being trapped alive is also a very haunting subject. Although there is some romance present in this novel, it was more on the sidelines and not really developing in a believable way. As the book neared to an end I felt everything coming closer and perhaps thirty pages before the ending I knew who the murderer was, which I think was great: that a writer can keep the reader guessing for so long.

A thrilling novel, so I would not mind reading another from this author!



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